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Pere Picorelli

Pere Picorelli is a political scientist (Univerisitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona 1996-2000) and urban planner (MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies, London School of Econcomics, London, UK, 2001-2002).

He works at INCASÒL - Catalan Institute for land development, where he is currently coordinator of two operative programmes. The Affordable housing programme directed to develop new social housing on the rental tenancy in areas where the rental market is unaffordable to middle-low income population. And the District remodelling programme that promotes urban regeneration of deprived areas through the rebuilding and on-site relocation of population.

Pere Picorelli has been working from the public and private sector on urban regeneration and public housing development, both from the policy and project perspective, for the 15 years now. He also has been active on the academia, lecturing on “Instruments for urban transformation” at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya’s Masters Programme on City and Urban Planning.


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