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Ignacio Guillén

Co-supervisor ESR1 and ESR5

Phd Architect from the University of Valencia in 1999, professor at the School of Architecture of Valencia (UPV). He has participated in 5 competitive national and international projects . He has been the main researcher in a competitive project in the UPV internal call related to the indoor quality of teaching spaces. Author of 16 scientific-technical articles, and 30 papers in conferences related to research activity and teaching innovation. Co-author of 2 books to promote sustainability in building as well as 2 book chapters. Guest speaker in 2018 at the Academic International Real Estate Congress and as a guest speaker at the BECSA R&D&I Conference in four editions 2011, 2015, 2017 and 2019. His main research interest are Sustainable construction, Indoor environment quality & Life cycle analysis in building. He has directed 3 Phd Thesis.


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