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Gábor Csanádi

Co-supervisor ESR8

Gábor is Professor h. of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Hungary.

He is a sociologist with a Master of Economy (1971) and a Doctor of Philosophy (1992) in sociology completed at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Between 1990-2010 he was the head of the Department of Research Methods and since 2002-2014 head of the Centre for Urban and Regional Research at ELTE. He has been teaching sociology and methodology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels since 1978. His teaching interests include urban sociology, quantitative and qualitative methods of sociology. His research topics are the relations between knowledge and urban development, socio-spatial urban policies and governance. The focus is on comparative studies in a European context with a special attention for eastern Hungary, eastern and central Europe.

He currently supervises several PhD students at Doctoral Schools of Sociology at Faculty of Social Sciences ELTE.


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