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Ana Zadelj Kovač

Host university

PO4 - Ceraneo,
Ana Zadelj Kovač, a Master of Social Policy, is employed at CERANEO - the Center for Development of Non-profit Organisations. She also has experience working in governmental organizations. At CERANEO, she is responsible for project preparation, monitoring, implementation, and dissemination. Part of her responsibility includes participating in and organizing workshops on social policy topics, with a special emphasis on homelessness, housing, and the integration of individuals in NEET status (not in employment, education, or training). Ana has a special interest in sustainability, social policy programmes and measures and their implementation at the local level, particularly for vulnerable social groups in urban areas. Her work position also involves building a bridge for better cooperation between academia, NGOs, and the local community. Currently, she is the project manager of the European Social Fund project "And where are you? Reactivation and integration of inactive youth in NEET status," implemented by CERANEO.


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