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Web portal (second stage)-Vocabulary-Case study library-ESR profiling (first stage)

Published on 02-11-2021

This report contains the work corresponding to four deliverables:


•Deliverable 5.2 Web portal (second stage), follow-up of Deliverable 5.1 “Web portal (first stage)”

•Deliverable 5.5 Vocabulary, online glossary of the networks’ research

•Deliverable 5.6 Case study library, online collection of documented references

•Deliverable 5.7 ESR profiling (first stage), continuous reporting of the work done by ESRs


The four deliverables refer to components of the project website that are interrelated. To facilitate the understanding of these interrelationships, the four deliverables are presented in a single document.

Reference documents

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Re-DWELL Report D5.2 - D5.5 - D5.6 - D5.7