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Interview with Prof. Dr. Gojko Bežovan on housing affordability in Croatia

Published on 23-03-2022

When asked to reflect on the alarming report of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) on real estate prices in Croatia, social policy expert Prof. Dr. Gojko Bežovan from RE-DWELL's partner institution Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb, warns that prices will not only be further affected by the country's entry into Schengen, but also by the lack of a quality housing policy.

The Croatian online news portal "" interviewed Dr. Gojko Bežovan about the rising housing prices in Croatia. Dr. Bežovan pointed out that due to an underdeveloped financial market, people invest or save by buying real estate, which drives up housing prices. In countries like Croatia, private home ownership is not only a desirable tenure status, but also heavily subsidised by the government. Hence the relevance of RE-DWELL's research in finding solutions to this problem.