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Interview with Gojko Bezovan in Croatian weekly magazine Globus

Published on 10-10-2023

Gojko Bežovan has given an interview to Croatian weekly magazine Globus in which he mentioned his participation in RE-DWELL. Gojko spoke about the general European problem of rising housing costs and about the lack of political commitment in Croatia, both at national and local level, to secure funds from various EU funding sources and invest in social and public rental housing. He also explained that housing has become one of the most important investment instruments in Croatia, contributing to higher real estate prices. A consequence of this is the demographic decline, as many young families who cannot afford to rent or purchase their house on the private market are leaving Croatia for other countries within the EU. He added that some of the possible solutions are to curb tourism by regulating short-term rentals based on best practices, for example, from Barcelona. He also stressed that Croatia should follow best practises from EU countries that have a similar local context and political and institutional situation, instead of striving for the public rental models found in the Netherlands or Austria.