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 TS1 is one of three transferable skills modules which jointly aim to foster personal qualities, entrepreneurship and professional career and communication, engagement and impact. The contents of this module are based on the UK Research Development Framework : 


-  Personal qualities and self-management: Personal qualities refer to enthusiasm; perseverance; integrity; self-confidence; self-reflection; and responsibility. While self-management is about preparation and prioritisation; commitment to research; time management; responsiveness to change; and work-life balance. 


-  Ethics, open science and IPR: these fall under Professional Conduct which includes health and safety; Ethics, principles and sustainability; legal requirements; IPR and copyright; respect and confidentiality; attribution and co-authorship; appropriate practice.  


The sessions will take place on-line and in-person in the three-day workshop in Lisbon, (WS1) and the five-day summer school in Nicosia (SS1). 

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