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RE-DWELL Blended-learning methodology and tools

Published on 29-09-2022

This report summarises the work carried out in Task 2.1 "Online learning platform", dedicated to the creation of a blended learning environment to implement a programme of online and face-to-face activities.


During the first year of the project, the beneficiaries examined various technological solutions to support the online learning and teamwork activities, including open software, proprietary platforms facilitated by third parties, and platforms developed by the participating institutions.  


In addition, and to facilitate networking between individual research projects and the building of a shared knowledge base, a glossary and a case study library, both of which are available on the project website, have been specifically created to support collaborative research.


A blended-learning methodology using the selected technologies which were applied in the training and network activities, was progressively introduced as the programme developed. Thus, the courses have been planned and implemented to be delivered as a combination of online and face-to-face sessions that take place in the workshops and summer schools.

Finally, a table of learning outcomes tailored to RE-DWELL’s training and research activities is included in the Annex.

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